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Jango Chooses Zrinity On-premise Email Delivery Systems

September 7, 2008

Central New York September 7, 2008 -- Jango, a New York City based Web 2.0 firm, chose Zrinity's on-premise email delivery system (http://www.zrinity.com/campaign-intelligence) for its email communications needs.

The Jango research team was put together to further explore and conduct a due diligence on the remaining competitors. Mattias Stanghed, Chief Product Officer, Jango.com, was part of the research team at Jango which consisted of the Director of Information Technology, Chief Technology Officer and CEO.

Key decision making criterion included, according to Mr. Stanghed, "Deliverability, ease of integration, flexibility / scalability, a strong team of delivery experts and pricing, which was important, but not the highest concern."

Rob Thrasher, Marketing Director at Zrinity said, "The pattern is a five step process, which is this: 1) We go against the top competitor in the email industry. 2) A team of experts and executives conducts exhaustive research. 3) They compare the technology, the team and the price, which is not usually the biggest concern. 4) Zrinity wins on all these most critical concerns. 5) Zrinity signs the deal. It is pretty straight forward and happens every day."

Zrinity was also chosen by a team of researchers at Jobfox recently.

Wade Chinoy, Network Engineer at Jobfox stated, "We chose Zrinity to help improve our sender reputation and deliverability, which is a business-critical part of our communication with our customers. Zrinity's willingness to work with us in reaching our deliverability and business communication goals plus their efforts to create customized solutions was very beneficial in the decision making process. The goal is to increase our ability to generate more highly qualified business leads and increase revenue using the Zrinity email marketing system."

On July 27th, 2008, Zrinity announced a team of experts at a Web 2.0 firm, Jacobs Interactive, which lists Fantasy Fishing and many Web 2.0 Websites, selected Zrinity's On-premise Email system after a lengthy due diligence. According to Scott Iverson, Vice President at Jacobs Interactive, "We sought an enterprise level email application that would help us manage all our email needs such as unsubscribes, bounces, reporting, reputation and all our email requirements and was priced very competitively. Zrinity filled every single requirement and they built us a long-term strategy that was scalable from a technology as well as a licensing perspective."

Zrinity is a leading provider of on-premise email systems for Global 2000 businesses as well as email service providers (ESPs). Zrinity provides its customers with high-performance email delivery servers and systems. Zrinity, in Central New York, serves a wide variety of industries such as banking, education, government, health care, retail and B2B. Customers include The Pentagon, PGA, Boeing, Pfizer, Duke University, Penn State and more.

"Launched in November 2007 and based in New York City, Jango (http://www.jango.com) is a social music service that lets you create and share custom radio stations. It's the easy way to play the music you want online, legally and free."

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