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California Based Analytic Approach Selects Zrinity

October 12, 2008

California Based Analytic Approach Selects Zrinity's On-Premise Email Systems & Services

California firm selects New York based Zrinity for business-critical email systems.

Central New York  October 12, 2008 -- Zrinity, a Utica New York based on-premise email delivery system (http://www.zrinity.com) provider, announced today that Analytic Approach, an email service firm, based near Sacramento California, selected Zrinity as its on-premise provider of email systems and provider of email deliverability services. Shawn Pickering, Owner and CEO, Analytic Approach, found Zrinity after a Google search and "‚Ķover fifteen days researching providers of email systems."

Mr. Pickering stated, "There are many companies who offer email services so it took a while to narrow it down to primarily Zrinity. However, Zrinity seemed to have the most wide variety of features and expertise in the email delivery space and was one of only a few companies that offered the entire message transfer agent as well as the list management and metrics."

Mr. Pickering continued, "The Zrinity sales team was extremely helpful. They were the only sales team who took the extra time to understand exactly what I was trying to accomplish and even helped me build a full plan to best utilize their services for the best value I could attain. They are a highly valuable addition to my team. I wanted to send emails as fast as possible and also have the ability to track bounces and add them straight into my database and Zrinity had that capability. Zrinity offered a great administrative interface to monitor send speeds, IP's, and so much more. The final decision was made when we realized that no other email company, big, small or strong, compared with Zrinity when I evaluated useful features, support, team expertise and the price. Best decision we ever made!"

Rob Thrasher, Marketing Director, Zrinity: "When people do their homework and compare expertise, technology and pricing, we win hands down. When it is just one or two people who own their company and rely on email as a business-critical aspect of their bottom line, we win. When there is a team of experts who painstakingly compare all the facets, we still win. More and more frequently we win. We are proud to add Analytic Approach to our rapidly growing list of happy customers!"

AnalyticApproach.com is an email service provider that optimizes delivery of email newsletters by delivering to the inbox and ensuring email campaigns are as effective as possible. We strive to provide you with the necessary tools to maintain and manage email lists, test spam rates and customize targets within email lists. We offer advanced A/B testing of all email subject lines and content with link tracking features and detailed reports so you know how your users respond to the emails. AnalyticApproach.com (http://analyticapproach.com/about_us.html), the analytic approach to successful email marketing.

Zrinity (http://www.zrinity.com) is a leading provider of on-premise email servers and list management systems for Global 2000 businesses, email service providers and many other firms. Zrinity provides its customers with high-performance email delivery servers and systems. Zrinity, in Central New York, serves a wide variety of industries such as banking, education, government, health care, retail and B2B. Customers include The Pentagon, PGA, Boeing, Pfizer, Duke University, Penn State and more.

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