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Franklin Covey Standardizes Its Email Platform with Zrinity

June 28, 2009

Orlando, FL June 28, 2009 -- Zrinity, Inc., a leading provider of commercial-enterprise solutions for marketing and transactional email, announced today that Franklin Covey Training and Consulting--the global pioneer in leadership training, effectiveness consulting and productivity tools--is standardizing its email marketing programs on Zrinity's on-premise platform.

Franklin Covey Training and Consulting implemented Zrinity to centralize and manage the email communications of its 1,000-plus global sales reps. Sales reps were using multiple outsourced email service providers to send out sales communications, making it impossible to manage and enforce corporate communication policy.

Franklin Covey Training and Consulting sells its popular training and consulting services and tools in more than 167 countries through its direct sales force. With thousands of customers worldwide, Franklin Covey Training and Consulting relies on email as a primary channel for its sales force in acquiring, retaining and building customer relationships.

Originally, Franklin Covey Training and Consulting relied on an internal CRM system to manage its email marketing programs. But slow performance, lack of visibility and the need to improve email delivery and segmentation led the company to pursue an alternative solution. After an extensive review of outsourced solutions, they selected a top-tier email service provider, but ended the relationship prematurely due to deliverability and customer service challenges. Consequently, Franklin Covey Training and Consulting zeroed in on Zrinity's on-premise email marketing solutions.

"By employing a powerful and user-friendly email marketing system, with extensive data integration, delivery services and the ability to support over 1,000 users on a single platform, Zrinity provided Franklin Covey Training and Consulting an all-in-one solution that enabled us to overcome the challenges we have experienced with previous internal and outsourced systems," said Sam Bracken, Vice President of Marketing at Franklin Covey Training and Consulting. "Zrinity will enable us to streamline our processes. For example, campaign set-up and execution for our reps used to take a week and the support of several employees to complete and manage, but now, with Zrinity, our sales reps can select from multiple approved templates, apply personalized dynamic content, segment directly from the sales database and execute a campaign in less than an hour. The results from that campaign are then fed back directly into the CRM for real-time data management, saving our reps hours of manual data processing time."

"Franklin Covey Training and Consulting illustrates an important message to all companies that are suffering from the use of non centralized email marketing solutions--it's time for companies to get control over their marketing. Centralize on one solution that is designed to manage everything on one platform and save your company the wasteful spending," said Gary Kraeger, Partner at Zrinity. "Franklin Covey Training and Consulting understands the value of controlling your messaging to send relevant messages that resonate with consumers, and Zrinity's technology and deliverability experts help ensure that these emails get delivered."

About Zrinity:
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About Franklin Covey Training and Consulting:
For more information on Franklin Covey Training and Consulting's leadership training, effectiveness consulting, public workshops, education and productivity tools, please visit www.franklincovey.com/tc/

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